What to wear

Just few tips on what to wear for family photo shoot. Please wear whatever you would like to as the photos are for you – it is just recommendation!

There are my top five styling suggestions to help make it easier to coordinate outfits at your next session.

1. Find a focal point -  Find one of your most favourite piece of clothes. It can be a top that makes you feel amazing or an adorable little floral print dress for your daughter. Whatever that piece may be, commit to it and work from there.  I always suggest finding mom’s outfit first.  Take that extra time and I promise it will pay off for pictures

2. Choose a colour scheme -  I would suggest choosing three main colours to work with . Don’t feel the need to match everyone in white shirts and jeans.  We want colours that generally complement each other: so for instance, soft colours (light blue, gray, blush) or warm colours (brown, orange, burgundy).  Aim for colours that will work in harmony, such as:

  • Earthy pallet colours
  • Neutral tones including creams and whites
  • Soft pastel tones work beautifully, including dusky pink
  • Light blues & any shade/tone of denim also look great

3. Layers on layers - Add a vest, jacket, cardigan, bowtie, hat, scarf, suspenders, belt, jewelry, etc.  This also gives the composition much more depth!

4. Textures : It looks great to add textures from sweaters, lace, sheer overlay, embroidery, etc. These types of textures really pick up on the camera as well. 

5. What to avoid - You should avoid any clothing with name brands, pictures, or words on them, which can detract from the child and give the photographs a dated look.